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Lone Star Transportation

Founded in 1988 as a small oilfield carrier in Abilene, Texas, Lone Star has grown to be one of America's premier specialized heavy haul carriers. Our terminal network has grown from its original three Texas locations, to twenty-two full service operations through North America.

Lone Star has been privately held since its inception. The company was purchased from its original owners in 2004 by Tex Robbins Transportation. New ownership has continued the management strategy of operating both company owned equipment and independent contractors and developing key markets where the company maintains strong name recognition and reputation.

Continuing its growth and responsiveness to customer and market demands, Lone Star has entered into full service logistics service for customers. Now capable of managing all aspects of project transportation, inclusive of all modes of transportation, customers are able to experience the ease of seamless transportation, regardless of origin, destination, or size of shipment.

Armed with strong, experienced, staff, powerful financial capacity, and state of the industry equipment and technology, Lone Star is poised to continue and expand its role and the industry leader in specialized transportation.

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