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A Letter From Tex Robbins, Chairman, TEXR Foundation


It was five years ago that we announced a significant new initiative inside the Lone Star family with the formation of the TEXR Foundation. Since then, the reach and impact of the foundation has grown and we continue to touch the lives of people both inside and outside our organization.


The TEXR Foundation is a non-profit charitable 501(c)(3) public foundation. It is a stand-alone organization that provides a mechanism for raising tax-deductible donations which can then be used to support various charitable programs, including the Lone Star Family Fund, the Lone Star Education Fund, and the Lone Star Good Neighbor Fund. TEXR Foundation has its own board of directors providing direction for the organization and an executive director performing the daily tasks required to run a charitable foundation.  

Since our creation in late 2011, we have achieved a number of milestones that we are very proud of and that help mark our progress in a very busy first year. A few highlights include:

  • Our annual fundraising golf tournaments, held each year at Champions Circle Golf Club in north Fort Worth, have raised over $300,000.  Supported by our many friends and partners -- including our vendors and customers-- the event raises the dollars we need to positively impact lives through our foundation;

  • Annual we provide educational scholarships to deserving applicants. In 2015, we provided 14 scholarships valued at $1500 each, bringing our total since creation to more than 50 scholarships.

  • Since our inception, through the Lone Star Good Neighbor Fund, we donated money for a variety of causes in the communities we serve, ranging from pediatric eye care to child and family abuse prevention to youth facilities. Some of the causes we supported were suggested by our employees and contractors while other causes were those we have supported as a company for many years. In all, we have donated more than $30,000 to these causes.

  • Through our Lone Star Family Fund, we were able to assist a number of employees and contractors who were coping with and working through personal tragedies or situations. Of all we do, this is probably what I am most proud of and excited about. Our Lone Star family has always been very supportive in these types of situations - raising money across our company -- and now we are able to match that generosity through our foundation to the tune of just over $25,000. 

All-in-all, we are very pleased with what we have accomplished in our first five years. But there is more we can and will do. We hope you will join us in May at Tour 18 for our annual fundraiser as we contiue to impact lives with your support.

Finally, we stand ready to assist those within the Lone Star family and in the communities we serve when the cause is worthy and the need arises. To all who have supported the TEXR Foundation, we thank you for helping us have an amazing first year. We continue to be committed -- first and foremost -- to taking care of our own and those around us and we could not do it without the support of our many friends, business partners, and other supporters.


- Tex Robbins

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