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About Us

The philosophy of "Taking care of our own and those around us!" led Tex Robbins, President and CEO of Lone Star Transportation, to form the TEXR Foundation in 2011. The foundation, a 501(C)(3) non-profit public charity, supports the employees, contractors, and dependents of Lone Star Transportation. In addition, the TEXR foundation strives to be a generous benefactor and supportive corporate citizen in the communities where Lone Star does business and its employees and contractors live. The Foundation also encourages Lone Star employees and contractors to get involved in their communities, become volunteers for charitable organizations and, in short, do their part to improve the lives of others.

Board of Trustees

Tex Robbins | Chairman

Joy Jordan | Board Member

Don Murray | Board Member

Nikki Dawson | Board Member

Bill Webb | Executive Director

A Note from our Chairman

Friends of Lone Star Transportation and TEXR Foundation:

Just over seven years ago, we reached out to many of you to tell you of a new internal effort to support our employees, drivers, and many great causes in the communities in which we live and operate. That effort – the TEXR Foundation – was born out of a conscious and strategic decision that it is important to take care of our own and give back to our neighbors.

Since then, so many of our friends and business partners have joined with our management team and employees in financially supporting the cause that today we find ourselves crossing an important threshold in the life of our foundation. This summer, the TEXR Foundation awarded 16 scholarships to deserving high school seniors, college students continuing their education, and working adults seeking to further their careers by pursuing advanced degrees. This summer’s grants bring our total scholarships since our beginning to 76 and puts our total scholarship dollars awarded at over $100,000. We believe these are very significant milestones when it comes to impacting the lives of these ambitious young people and adults.

Earlier this year, we received a note from a student – the daughter of one of our drivers – who thanked the Foundation for our help in her earning her degree. We were blessed to be able to provide her a scholarship all four years in college for this student. She made it clear she would not have been able to achieve her dream of a college degree without the assistance of the TEXR Foundation.

While we received the letter, the thanks should really go to each of you. While we have committed ourselves to support the Foundation, it is the very generous and consistent support of our friends and business partners that has allowed us to not only provide these educational scholarships but also to award dozens of Family Fund and Good Neighbor grants since our inception. We have literally touched – and changed – lives because of your support.

I simply want to say thank you for that support. We simply could not do what we do without your commitment to this cause.

In a business environment that can be challenging on a daily basis , we are blessed to have friends and partners who allow us the opportunity to have such a positive impact on those inside our Lone Star family and the communities in which we operate. Through the TEXR Foundation, we are able to make a difference and we want you to know how much we appreciate your helping make that a reality.

Thanks for your continued commitment to making a difference in people’s lives. We look forward to seeing you next spring when our TEXR friends and family come together again.

Tex Robbins
Chairman, TEXR Foundation

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